Custom Services for Southern Oregon Hemp Growers

Great Harvest Logistics helps southern Oregon hemp farmers with a variety of services to help them manage their crops and distribute their finished hemp flower products


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Great Harvest Logistics was founded with the needs of local hemp farmers as our primary focus. The Great Harvest approach is to achieve long lasting relationships via mutual respect, integrity, honesty and accountability.

One of the most critical needs we have identified is distribution services. Visit our Flower Strains page to see our catalog — one phase of our approach to addressing this need for southern Oregon hemp growers.

As experienced farmers, we know how much work goes into each year’s crop and how important it is to have a successful harvest. Whether you farm grapes as I do, pears, hemp or hay, each crop is your livelihood. Once your crop is harvested, selling it is of utmost importance.

In addition to my experience as a farmer, I have 27 years of experience as owner of a thriving transportation and logistics company that fulfilled the transportation needs of some of the most time-sensitive commodities throughout the United States and beyond.

Photograph of a single large bud of the hemp flower products we assist farmers in distributing
Great Harvest Logistics provides a robust basket of services for hemp growers in southern Oregon

With the recent explosion of hemp production in the Rogue Valley, we’ve learned much about the specialized needs of hemp farmers. It only seemed logical to offer our unique skillset, experience and high standards of customer service to provide distribution and additional services to the fastest-growing agriculture product in Southern Oregon.

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